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VIT and VIT Pro seeds

We have just launched our new line of mixes and feed VIT and VIT PRO onto the market and, due to their great popularity, we can say that they are a great success. They have become one of the most complete lines in the market, with new formulas, in a much more modern format, packed in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and world-class quality.
Reasons for success of the VIT and VIT Pro lines
1. – All of the innovations in technology and automation in our facilities enable us to produce an end product with the best quality, cleanness (cleaned up to 6 times!) and presentation and, given that all of these processes are completed in our facilities, we are able to offer the best PRICE-QUALITY ratio in the market.
We have obtained mixes and seeds with the best PRICE-QUALITY ratio in the market.  
2. The seeds and feed are unloaded into an external silo and travel in elevators and along conveyor belts to reach the first cleaning machine where they are cleaned three times before going to the storage tanks. They are then weighed, mixed and recleaned up to another 3 times in another fines cleaning machine to remove any final impurities that they may contain. 3. Lastly, the end product is packed in a machine with a capacity of 10,000,000 kg/year and with the latest packing technology, “Controlled Atmosphere” and, in the case of the VIT Pro line, with zipper closure on each bag (can be resealed once opened).  

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