ASANCAT and ASANPET Ecological Litter

Made of pure cellulose, with no chemical residues, absorbent and ecological.
ASAN is a unique product at an unbeatable price. No other product is capable of competing with it offering the same features. It is produced in the European Union with a very high quality at a low price

Made of pure cellulose

asan_02ASAN is made of pure cellulose, it contains no residues of inks, adhesives, plastics or other chemical products as in the case of recycled paper litters. This can be seen by its intense white colour, which proves its purity, quality and cleanness. ASAN has an ISO:9001 certificate to support its quality. 


asan_03ASAN is not harmful when in contact with the skin or if swallowed. It is totally harmless if swallowed, as it is easily decomposed by the digestive system.  What is more, it contains no dust, added dyes or perfumes.  It also limits the growth of bacteria and fungi, contains no pathogenic agents and can even be used by people and animals with allergies and/or asthma. 


asan_04ASAN is 100% environment-friendly. It contains no raw materials extracted from mines and no trees are cut down expressly to prudce this product.  Totally pure cellulose is used, making the end product 100% biodegradable. ASAN has an ISO:14001 certificate to attest that its production is environment-friendly.ASAN can be flushed down the toilet or used as compost because it is non-toxic and quickly degradable. 

Great absorption power

asan_01 ASAN has an absorption power of 430%, which means much less frequent litter replacement and, therefore, greater savings from lower consumption. On average, 5 times less consumption than other mineral litters.  The top layer of the litter also remains dry, making it more comfortable for pets.     

ASAN is available in two formulas to suit the needs of different animals.

1. The cat formula (ASAN CAT)

Containing LAPUR technology, which is a patented technology produced by ASAN. This is an organic substance with an extraordinary capacity to absorb odours.

This makes the formula ideal for Mustelidae such as Ferrets.

2. The rodent formula (ASAN PET)

Containing biological ALOE VERA extracts to guarantee the health and wellbeing of small pets.  The great health benefits of ALOE VERA are very well known. Among other characteristics of this plant, it contains Aloetin that neutralises the effect of toxins, Caricin that boosts the immune system, Mucilage that generates an emollient activity on the skin, Saponins that are antiseptic, Phytosterols that are anti-inflammatory, Plant hormones that stimulate scarring, Enzymes that help stimulate the body’s defences, etc. Remember that cats visit the litter tray specifically, whereas small pets such as rodents live alongside it and remain in direct contact with the litter through their skin, paws, fur, etc.  Choosing a high quality litter is essential for the health of these pets.

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New Delicatessen for Birds and Rodents

Delicious top quality food supplements

Delicatessen para Pájaros

ICA has renewed the entire line of Delicatessen food, with more varieties of seeds, rearing paste and insectivore food, with higher product contents and better price!
And now with a special offer of 25% more product in each bag (except in parrot rearing formula VITD951).

Insectivore Paste

Insectivorous birds include the Japanese nightingale, the blackbird and the blackcap and, in their natural habitat, they basically feed on fruit and insects.  In captivity, therefore, they require food that is in line with their original feeding, such as the ICA insectivore paste.ICA offers three varieties: insectivore paste, insectivore paste with fruit and paste pellets.delicatessen_ica1delicatessen_ica2  

Rearing Paste and Formulas

These are essential during bird rearing periods, as they provide an extra energy supplement. They are, however, also highly recommended during periods of moulting.The red formula is an essential supplement for the red canary, as it is based on compounds that provide its reddish colour. In the wild, these birds feed off seeds that give them this colour and the ICA red rearing paste provides the necessary components for rearing in captivity.Another great new product in the new Delicatessen line is the inclusion of the rearing formula for all bird types (hand-reared birds such as canaries, parakeets, blackbirds, nightingales, parrots, etc.).delicatessen_ica3delicatessen_ica4  

Delicatessen for Rodents

New Delicatessen for Rodents range, in which the range in the new Delicatessen for rodents line continues with food that is a real treat for them, as they love their taste and texture.
And now with a special offer of 25% more product in each bag (except in parrot rearing formula VITD951).
They are like a “treat” thanks to their natural taste and texture, which they love! 

Exclusive food for Rodents

From the Delicatessen food range, the squares of alfalfa and carrot and the alfalfa sticks are specifically for rodents, formulated especially for them.delicatessen_ica7 delicatessen_ica8  

Delicatessen food for Rodents and Birds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent food for rodents and for parrots, as are sunflower seeds… Some food forms part of the diet of both rodents and birds, particularly pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, bananas, carob and tropical mix.delicatessen_ica9delicatessen_ica10

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VIT and VIT Pro seeds

We have just launched our new line of mixes and feed VIT and VIT PRO onto the market and, due to their great popularity, we can say that they are a great success. They have become one of the most complete lines in the market, with new formulas, in a much more modern format, packed in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and world-class quality.
Reasons for success of the VIT and VIT Pro lines
1. – All of the innovations in technology and automation in our facilities enable us to produce an end product with the best quality, cleanness (cleaned up to 6 times!) and presentation and, given that all of these processes are completed in our facilities, we are able to offer the best PRICE-QUALITY ratio in the market.
We have obtained mixes and seeds with the best PRICE-QUALITY ratio in the market.  
2. The seeds and feed are unloaded into an external silo and travel in elevators and along conveyor belts to reach the first cleaning machine where they are cleaned three times before going to the storage tanks. They are then weighed, mixed and recleaned up to another 3 times in another fines cleaning machine to remove any final impurities that they may contain. 3. Lastly, the end product is packed in a machine with a capacity of 10,000,000 kg/year and with the latest packing technology, “Controlled Atmosphere” and, in the case of the VIT Pro line, with zipper closure on each bag (can be resealed once opened).  

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