New Delicatessen for Birds and Rodents

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Delicatessen para Pájaros

ICA has renewed the entire line of Delicatessen food, with more varieties of seeds, rearing paste and insectivore food, with higher product contents and better price!
And now with a special offer of 25% more product in each bag (except in parrot rearing formula VITD951).

Insectivore Paste

Insectivorous birds include the Japanese nightingale, the blackbird and the blackcap and, in their natural habitat, they basically feed on fruit and insects.  In captivity, therefore, they require food that is in line with their original feeding, such as the ICA insectivore paste.ICA offers three varieties: insectivore paste, insectivore paste with fruit and paste pellets.delicatessen_ica1delicatessen_ica2  

Rearing Paste and Formulas

These are essential during bird rearing periods, as they provide an extra energy supplement. They are, however, also highly recommended during periods of moulting.The red formula is an essential supplement for the red canary, as it is based on compounds that provide its reddish colour. In the wild, these birds feed off seeds that give them this colour and the ICA red rearing paste provides the necessary components for rearing in captivity.Another great new product in the new Delicatessen line is the inclusion of the rearing formula for all bird types (hand-reared birds such as canaries, parakeets, blackbirds, nightingales, parrots, etc.).delicatessen_ica3delicatessen_ica4  

Delicatessen for Rodents

New Delicatessen for Rodents range, in which the range in the new Delicatessen for rodents line continues with food that is a real treat for them, as they love their taste and texture.
And now with a special offer of 25% more product in each bag (except in parrot rearing formula VITD951).
They are like a “treat” thanks to their natural taste and texture, which they love! 

Exclusive food for Rodents

From the Delicatessen food range, the squares of alfalfa and carrot and the alfalfa sticks are specifically for rodents, formulated especially for them.delicatessen_ica7 delicatessen_ica8  

Delicatessen food for Rodents and Birds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent food for rodents and for parrots, as are sunflower seeds… Some food forms part of the diet of both rodents and birds, particularly pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, bananas, carob and tropical mix.delicatessen_ica9delicatessen_ica10


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