Tropical Center Catalogue

A complete selection of fish
We have prepared a full catalogue in which we have classified the most popular fish in the market, with illustrated photos and brief, practical advice at the start of each fish category, summarising the useful information such as water conditions, the behaviour of the species and its most common diseases.
The Tropical Center Catalogue has been produced as a useful guide for shops, containing detailed information on the varieties of fish most commonly sold.  
Not only is it a catalogue of fish but also a very useful guide, as two chapters are devoted to freshwater fish, which are the most popular. Drafted in a very clear manner so that readers in specialist shops become aware or expand their knowledge of the most important aspects in starting an aquarium, the biological cycle, the introduction of fish into a new aquarium, feeding fish and the most common diseases and their treatment. With the same clarity and to ensure shop owners are given relevant information acquired over the years of experience of Tropical Center: a chapter has been included on Aquarium Plants, Pond Plants and Marine Aquariums. In each article, its editor and founder of Tropical Center, Gaspar Cabrera Roca, has included tips and small pieces of advice, whose extensive experience as an expert fish keeper and his expertise will mean that any shop keeper or enthusiast can keep a freshwater or saltwater aquarium in perfect conditions.

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