AQUA GRO substrate. The ideal water for fish

A substrate that extraordinarily increases plant growth and, by maintaining 
a slightly acidic pH, also provides ideal water for fish such as cardinals, 
neons, discus, rasboras and shrimp.
This water, as well as being ideal for plant growth, is actually the most suitable for the vast majority of fish, as no ammonia is formed in it for the reasons indicated below.
A brief, simple review of some of the basic concepts of water in aquariums is given below to provide you with an understanding as to which a slightly acidic pH is most suitable for plant growth and the wellbeing of fish.
Basic concepts
As you well know, water is neutral at pH 7.0, alkaline at a high pH and acidic at a lower pH. The pH is very closely related to the KH, also known as temporary or carbonate hardness – not to be confused with the GH, which is total hardness that includes the hardness produced by carbonates and bicarbonates (KH) as well as other salts such as sulphates. Remember that hardness is the calcium and magnesium content in water and both calcium and magnesium are combined in the form of carbonates and bicarbonates, as well as other salts such as sulphates.
How the Aqua Gro substrate works
The importance of carbonates and bicarbonates lies in the fact that they alkalinise the water. We all know that a very effective way of neutralising acidity after a heavy meal involves eating a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate. Well, the Aqua Gro substrate moves all of the carbonates and bicarbonates in the water in a few hours and, given that these alkalinise the water, the pH stabilises at between 6.0 and 6.5. This effect of the substrate lasts for over a year, although this may vary according to the carbonate hardness of the water in each city.
Aqua Gro maintains a slightly acidic pH for the wellbeing of plants
As you well know, one of the methods to help plants to grow is to add carbon dioxide (CO2) to the water in the aquarium, which is a basic element because the chlorophyll function consists of converting carbonic anhydride (CO2) and water into glucose (sugar) through the action of the light on the chloroplasts in plants. In an alkaline medium containing carbonates and bicarbonates, these react with the carbonic anhydride to eliminate most of the main nutrient of plants: CO2.
Ensure the ideal water for plants and fish
  The Aqua Gro substrate eliminates all carbonates and bicarbonates from the water, which is very easy to prove as the carbonate content of the water KH falls to zero. When this occurs, the carbonic anhydride that fish expel when they breathe (as well as plants at night time) remains dissolved in the water and can be used by plants. This is why plants flourish in aquariums using Aqua Gro as their substrate. An additional advantage is that, as well as encouraging optimum plant growth, it reduces the pH of the water to a value below 7.0. This means that all of the ammonia NH3, which is a toxic gas that enters fish through their gills, is converted into the ammonium ion (NH4+) that is liquid and non-toxic, as it is unable to pass through the gills of fish. Therefore, shrimp, cardinals, neons, discus and, in general, most fish feel much better in aquarium water of the characteristics produced by Aqua Gro. For all of the reasons explained and after having performed many tests in our aquariums, we do not hesitate to recommend Aqua Gro, a product that will offer great benefits to our customers: an explosive growth of their water plants and the unbeatable health of their fish.

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